Many revolutionary ideas in human history began as a simple conversation. Discussions where thoughts and opinions were shared and ideas emerged led to world-altering discoveries. Albert Einstein was known for spending endless hours simply thinking about ideas and then talking about them with friends and colleagues. He hosted gatherings where lively discussions led to new theories about life and how the universe works.

Earth Encounters is a board game fueled by the concept that conversations among friends ignite big ideas that not only impact our world, but make it a better place as well. Earth Encounters brings the Einstein in all of us to life. Designed for teens and adults, it’s not only fun to play, but it sparks dialog among friends, brings value to our community, and perhaps can even change our world for the better!

Years ago, not long after we first developed Earth Encounters, we became more convinced of its necessity than ever after watching a recurring segment on The Tonight Show. Remember that Jay Leno segment called “Jay Walking?” The one where he would approach random people in public places and ask them basic questions about U.S. history, world events, or other important issues? We were shocked by how much people struggled to answer the most elementary questions. Even graduating college students would draw a blank stare in response to some of the questions. It was horrifyingly funny yet unbearable to watch. We knew then Earth Encounters was the answer to our collective lack of knowledge on issues that impact our lives and our world.

To that end, we designed Earth Encounters to be completely void of trivia. Our goal with Earth Encounters is that after playing, people will feel great about the time they spent. We want people to end up with a fresh perspective on life, a deeper understanding of the past and a positive outlook on the future.

Earth Encounters has been tested and approved by students and professors from both Loyola Marymount University and Pepperdine University.

Prior to enrolling in the LMU MBA program in fall of 2013, Taylor spent three years playing basketball for LMU’s NCAA division one men’s basketball team.  Taylor has been in numerous roles from serving as a legal assistant for Davies Wegner Law Offices a family-law practice, to co-founder of “Athletes-4-Athletes,” an organization dedicated towards helping athletes pursue their professional careers after competing.  However, three roles that have remained constant in all his positions are leader, motivator, and facilitator of change.  Taylor’s dynamic personality, intuitive communication skills, and a creative intellect have enabled him, with the help of his father to successfully develop a fun and engaging product “Earth Encounters” the board game, that will help educate friends and families in communities across the nation. 

Lawrence is currently retired from Xerox Corporation. He joined Xerox in 1996 in Los Angeles, California. During his 18 years employment with Xerox, he has held both sales and management positions. Prior to joining Xerox, he was president and owner of L. T. Walker Company, Inc. wherein he was one of the first African American companies to design and manufacture children and women clothing on a national basis for KMART Corporation, Target Stores, and JCPenney.

Before starting L. T. Walker Company, Inc., Lawrence worked for IBM as a Systems Engineer and Sales Representative in Los Angeles supporting the insurance and banking industries.